spiritual healthAt Ascending the Giants we believe there are four keys to ultimate health which are physical, spiritual, relational, and financial.  We spend most of the time on our site focusing on how to improve our physical health but today we are going to go off the beaten path and focus on our spiritual health as well.

James Strutten is a very popular charlotte psychic who is not only in touch with his spiritual health but he is a Christian as well.  Which is not a common theme in his line of work.   People can define spiritual health in many different ways.  The most common include your religious faith, your morals, principals, and how you define yourself.  James believes the best way to improve you spiritual health is to help other because as we all know it is better to give than it is to receive.  Although, I can’t lie, receiving is fun as well 🙂

Having compassion for others, extending forgiveness to those who have hurt us and showing love to others will bring your heart joy and leave you more fulfilled.  As humans we all need a purpose and we need to be living for something that is far greater than ourselves.  If all we focus on is our selfish ambitions we will be left flat even after we achieve our goals.  The highs that we receive by our accomplishments will fade quickly.

However, if we focus on what we can do to improve the lives of others we will in turn fulfill our needs and be more content with our lives.  The University of California in Riverside has a terrific spiritual wellness program that includes many courses to prepare you to teach others how to become more self aware.

Meditation and controlling your thoughts are very important when it comes to your everyday health.  We need to control what we think about.  Having negative thoughts not only impacts your mood for the day but it effects your future.  You are what you think about most.  Your thoughts become your reality.  Therefore we need to stand guard at the door to our thoughts.  This is a biblical concept as well.  The Bible teaches that we are to be transformed by the renewing of our minds.

I try to start every day with at least 15 minutes of thinking to myself.  I think of everything that I am grateful for including my family, friends, health, ability to pay my bills and trying to practice the presence of the Lord.  If you have never done this I highly recommend the process.  You will definitely start the day with a more positive outlook.  Also, make yourself smile while doing so.  It might sound a bit strange at first but it is impossible to feel negative and sad when you are smiling and giving thanks for the things that you have.  It sets the day up right and your days will be more productive.  I learned how to do this from Tony Robbins and spiritual enlightenment courses.

So this week let’s take a step back, take some time out for ourselves and focus on clearing all negativity from our minds.  This will certainly improve your spiritual health and bring you one step closer to joy.  This type of thought process will certainly bring more spiritual awareness to your life.  This is a common practice among many of the love psychics in charlotte North Carolina.