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Signs You Are Not Working Out Hard Enough At The Gym

If you are going to the gym regularly and you aren’t getting any results, it might be that you aren’t putting in your best. Yes, you think you are trying but you could get better. It is very easy to set goals at the beginning and then stop putting in much effort later.

Sometimes, it may not be obvious to you that you are not putting in the right effort. The signs below will let you know if you aren’t working out hard enough.

You’re never sore after a workout

When you first start working out, you are bound to get sore later the same day or the next day. This is because you damage your muscles a little when you work out. Your muscles then adapt, repair themselves and get stronger. If you are not sore at all after a workout, then you are probably not stimulating your muscles enough. Grab heavier weights and put in more effort. A little moderate soreness is okay. You shouldn’t be so sore that you won’t be able to exercise yourself another day.

You can hold a conversation comfortably while working out

Of course, it is sometimes interesting to chat while working out. But if you are putting in a lot of effort, you will find it hard to chat while exercising. If you notice you get too comfortable with your sessions, it is time to level up.

You don’t see any physical change

When you start working out, you won’t notice any change in a week period. But if you have been working out consistently for some months and eating the right food and yet you don’t see any change, it is time to change your routine. If your waist line isn’t changing or other parts of your body aren’t showing any sign of the efforts you put in, you might need to increase your efforts. Eating the right foods is essential when it comes to weight loss and having the right equipment in the kitchen to prepare your meals will make your life much easier.  For example, I could not live without my fancy retro toasters and Vitamix blender.  Those two appliances are essential in my daily routine.

You feel you can do better

When you start thinking your workout is easy and you can probably do better, then it is time to exert yourself more. A lot of times, once the body gets used to a particular routine, it is good to push the body more to new limits. Pick heavier weights than what you used to lift. Run for longer periods. Give yourself a shorter time period to run a distance. Just be careful not to overstress yourself.

You’re bored

If your workouts start to feel too boring, it might be time to move on to new challenges. It is a sign that you have been doing the same thing for too long. You need to increase the intensity and frequency of your workouts.

You hardly break a sweat

When working out, you should break a sweat when you train and you must see a spike in your heart rate. If you are not breaking a sweat, you are not working out enough.


If any of the above applies to you, then it means that you need to improve your routine. Remember the more effort you put in, the better results you get. It’s all for your good.

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